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My kids are not fans of gym childcare

I was driving home from work with a definitive idea to go for a walk. As I got home I realized that I am so extremely tired that the most I could do is get some more work done on my computer. The guilt started overpowering me and I decided to head over to the gym and take both girls with me. After all, I pay the daycare fee together with my gym membership.

My 4-year-old Masha did not mind staying in the kids’ room, especially since she spotted some toys there. My two-year-old Lana was not excited at first but agreed to stay and play with Masha. I was relieved that the girls can play while I take an hour long step class. I walked in the class, grabbed the step, and joined in the action. Two minutes later I saw a caregiver through the glass window motioning to me. What could have happened, I wondered.  “They won’t stop crying”, she responded. I ran in, pickup up the younger child, and asked my preschooler: “why were you crying”? She explained: “I was not crying at first. But then Lana started crying because she wanted Mommy. I saw her crying and it made me sad, so I started crying too”. Needless to say, this was our first and last visit of the gym kids’ room.

Soon after that, I terminated my gym membership. I just could not afford to waste the time on the drive there and back. Plus, I would have to pay for a babysitter.

I used to take my first baby to the gym with me – as you can see below, but she was not willing to hang in her sling longer than five minutes. Plus, I am pretty sure it is against the rules.

After my fiasco with the gym daycare, I decided to find some programs on TV and do exercises at home. After a long search through the list of cannels, I found out that the only channel which had exercises program was removed from the program list. Plus, all fitness programs on TV have commercials which disrupt exercises.

In the end I figured out that the best option for me is to exercise with the help of the Top Trainers DVD set, consisting of ten workout DVDs. I like that some of the programs include time countdown icon, showing how many minutes/seconds left until the end of the workout. I can either follow the suggested program or chose any workout I feel like, for example Core and Strength Fusion, Shed Five Fast, Yogini, Ballet, Six Minute Quick Blast Method, Best Body Circuit , Ultimate Body Shaper, Latin Sensation, and more. Some programs even include my favorite exercises with the step.  I just need to make sure my kids don’t take over the step.

How do you manage to get exercises done with kids at home?

Disclaimer: I received Top Trainers DVD set for review. I received no monetary compensation for this post. The opinions are all mine. This post contains affiliate links.

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17 Responses to My kids are not fans of gym childcare

  1. 1

    I think naptime was my best friend in that regard. It wasn’t easy!!!

    The set looks really nice, but I hate the step machine!

    • 1.1
      Marina says:

      Kudos to you for using nap time for workout, I was usually so tired by the nap time, I was ready to take a nap myself

  2. 2

    Let me know how you like those DVDs! I usually pop Lily in a jogging stroller and hit the great outdoors – not much of that in this summer, though. I do simple weights and exercises at home with my daughter, she loves the “airplane” and being swung around.

    • 2.1
      Marina says:

      Ooutdoors are definitely the best. I think for me it is good to have an alternative at home. My worst enemy is my laziness, so I really ave to convince myself to finish the workout without interruptions and distractions

  3. 3
    Dina says:

    I used to bring the kids to the gym with me but they no longer like going to the childcare on site. And I did not care for the TV that was always on. So right now it’s at home exercise and going to the park.

    • 3.1
      Marina says:

      Yeah for the parks! I also really dislike fans at the gym. In some places they are so low, they are blowing my hair

  4. 4

    It’s sweet she was crying with her sister.

    I used to have a gym membership too, but after two diaper blowouts in a row with my then newborn, I gave it up.

    I think a good home workout would be helpful, as opposed to my usual NOTHING!

  5. 5
    Kristi says:

    My first thought was fire that caregiver! I don’t think she tried very hard to keep the girls occupied!lol I never really got into using Workout DVDs – I like running on the Treadmill and I was able to do it before Grant went to work. It sounds like the Top Trainers DVD set is a great solution for you!

    • 5.1
      Marina says:

      You know, I never though of that. I dont really know how hard she tried. I guess it was too much for her to deal with TWO crying kids. Or maybe they were REALLY loud. I know they can be

  6. 6
    Bridget says:

    I’ve worked at sleep away camps, day cares, as a nanny for many years but one of the most difficult child care experiences I had was when I worked at a gym daycare. There were two children who absolutely hated HATED that place(or me but I prefer to believe that it was the gym). They weren’t related to each other but they were neighbors. Both of the moms were SAH moms and the girls (both were about 2) had never really been away from their mommy. They were destroyed every week – one would cry until she threw up every single time! I think it was because they knew that their mommies were right outside the door doing something that looked kind of fun and they felt excluded – one of the moms insisted that we leave the door open so her daughter could watch her but the little girl just bolted to her mom after a couple of minutes. It was insane because I worked so hard every week coming up with ways to distract them and get them involved in activities but it was the same thing every week – I think the fact that the two came together didn’t help matters because one little girl was okay until the other started crying. I really did everything I could to occupy them – nothing worked. I lived near them and one of the moms asked me if I would come to the little girl’s dance lesson so she could get to see me outside the gym. I did. She was happy as could be with me while we were there. She played and even stayed with me while her mom went to the restroom. The next day they came to the gym and once again, body shaking sobs that lasted for what seemed like hours. The mom actually got mad at me – she said something like ‘great now she probably won’t go to dance- I guess this is pointless since obviously there’s something she doesn’t like about you.’ I cried (I was about 20 I think – too old to be crying)and cried and would have quit that week because of the whole incident but the owner was super nice and kept telling me that it happens and wasn’t my fault but it was stressful! I’d worked at camps and day cares since I was 16 and never had a child react that way to me. wow I am SO sorry to ramble! Just wanted to say that I totally understand your pain because after I had my first baby, she acted pretty much the same way when I tried to leave her anywhere. I actually wound up married into the family of the child who seemed to despise me – she likes me a little more now I think.

    • 6.1
      Marina says:


      Thank you for sharing your story. That is just so unfair how you were treated. Some kids do not stay with other caregivers at all, no reason to blame you for that.

      I cant believe the Moms went on with their workout routine knowing that their kids were screaming like that!

  7. 7

    Marina, it’s a good question. Gym is important for me because obviously there is some challenge after age 35 and being mom of 4 stay in a good shape. So, exactly like you, I decided to come back to gym right after my second twins were born. We had a nanny than, but I took them with me to the kids corner at their very first months. That’s why they feel comfortable staying with kids’ instructors and play with other kids. But may be my example is not pure piece of advice, because now I have all four kids in the same age group over there and it’s way easier! Good luck, be strong.

  8. 8
    Krystyn says:

    Since having kids, I’m totally a fan of working out at home! But, that sure is one cute kiddo working out with you.

  9. 9

    not even my kids are enthusiastic about gym equipments

  10. 10

    I’m glad you were able to find a way to get some exercise in while feeling comfortable about where your kids were. What is your favorite workout?

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