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Our trip to the Snow Mountain (Part II)

As I wrote a couple of days ago, we took the girls to the Snow Mountain  (a winter attraction where the snow is man made in the snow machines). It includes 2 attractions:

(1) a big slide for tubing with several tracks and (2) a snow play area (Snow Zone).

Yesterday was actually the last day this attraction was open this season.  

The tubing is fun. It does take a while to get on top of the hill, though. And you have to pull your tubes, which are pretty heavy.

The snow felt somewhat different than the natural snow – it was more like a collection of tiny ice cubes. Altogether, it was a great experience, especially since girls rarely see snow here.  


Tickets were $25 per person plus tax. Plus $10 parking.

Things to remember if you go with kids:

 – Your child has to be at least 42 inches tall to go down on the tube. If they are smaller than 42 inches, they can play in the Play Area (Snow Zone)

 – If you child will sit in the stroller, bring the stroller with you. It takes a while to get from the parking lot to the Snow Zone

 – Remember the gloves and a change of clothes for your kids.

 – The ground was pretty slippery, so make sure you and your kids wear shoes with traction.

Snow Zone:

Snow Zone:


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