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Water Attack

The idea was to water my blackberries and peas, which the sprinkler system does not reach. Lana asked me if she could, please, help water the plants (Ok, she did not say please, just stole the hose) . Then she decided to take a shower. The dress got wet pretty quickly. Without much hesitation, she got rid of it. You can see it on the ground, covering the hose.

Masha heard we were watering the plants and ran over to help. She was greeted by an unfriendly forward facing cold shower… Masha was not too upset about it and soon claimed possession of the hose herself.

I did not let them play with the hose after this water fight, though. I am generally  too lazy to deal with wet kids, dry them, change them, and put the hose away. Plus, the fear of overwatered plants and out-of-control water bill makes me want to keep the water hose hidden.

But they had so much fun watering each other.

Do you let your kids turn on the water and play with the water hose ?

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