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Zoo and Animals as a Birthday Party Theme?

The Four Year birthday is still months away but I am already trying to jot down the ideas for the birthday party. Birthdays are just so important for my preschooler. We have not done a party with her little friends yet. We will start with the Age Four milestone.

It always seems that the Birthday is so far away, and then suddenly it is next week.

I wonder
– If I should have it at home or at one of those kids party places?
– How many kids to invite?
– How to get a cake without hydrogenated oils, mono-glycerides and other unacceptable ingredients? I could bake it myself but I a not a very good cake decorator by any means.

I am leaning towards the Zoo/Animal themed party. We recently were at an event with a Petting Zoo and I could not talk my three year old into going home…  Both kids wanted to look at the animals, talk to them, touch them, or just walk in circles around them.

Svetlana (one year old) was mostly interested into getting into the Bunny Rabbit’s water bowl, though:

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