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Back from the Disney cruise

We are back from the Disney Cruise! We were on the Disney Dream ship.

I felt that floor was still moving for two days after. I wonder why. Last time I went on the cruise it did not happen. Maybe I am just getting older.

After two hours at home, my kids were asking why are we staying in the room for so long. They thought living on the ship was a great idea.

They definitely had fun. What about us? Let’s say we spent most of the time chasing them.

The girls had a chance to dress as pirates:

and as princesses:

They met 6 princesses. Here is their encounter with Cinderella:

The bad news is that our young cruiser did not magically turn into well behaved and quiet kids. This is a small expert from our typical breakfast. Turn your volume down because my “no drinking syrup” sounds way too loud since I was holding the camera.

How could we leave the ship without taking a picture with Mickey?

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from the Disney Cruise…


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