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There is snow every day in Atlanta during winter (at Snow Mountain)!

Every day my kids ask me not if, but when, is it going to snow. While Atlanta may or may not see any snow, we are very lucky to have Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park nearby. With hundreds of tons of snow and multiple attractions, this place is a must-visit destination during the winter. […]

Crawling between cruise cabins and on a bathroom floor

So my toddler is into gymnastics. She successfully quit her gymnastics and dance classes after a few visits and came up with her own exercises. It ‘s all about crawling on her belly under different obstacles. Like a bathroom door: I know you are wondering if I washed her hands and the dress after the […]

Mega Blocks party, song, and dance

What could be more fun than Moms and kids getting together to create and build together. Moms and kids had a great time with Mega Blocks at our party. Building with Mega Blocks  is a great way to develop imagination. The blocks always come in a carrying bag or in a box, which helps to […]

Birthday Party with Princesses in Atlanta

Both of my girls are absolutely enamored with princess stories. My daughters are particularly in love with Cinderella and Snow White. They have been asking me for the past year when will these princesses come visit them. I responded that it will happen on Masha’s fifth birthday. Since they pretty much asked every day, I […]

Back from the Disney cruise

We are back from the Disney Cruise! We were on the Disney Dream ship. I felt that floor was still moving for two days after. I wonder why. Last time I went on the cruise it did not happen. Maybe I am just getting older. After two hours at home, my kids were asking why […]

My toddler’s duckle dance

Will you be going to dance classes this year, I asked my preschooler. My preschooler: “Maybe” Mommy “Why are you not sure, you enjoy dancing so much.” My preschooler: “Because I want to do my own dance, not the dance they are dancing. Actually, lets go to the dance studio and take a look. If […]

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