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Santa Cruz Organic giveaway (2 winners)

Santa Cruz Organic® is celebrating good deeds and the spirit of helping others with the launch of the Sweet Deed Society promotion. You can nominate friends and family for the chance to win a beach vacation and other prizes. In addition, when you join the Sweet Deed Society, Santa Cruz Organic will donate five dollars […]

Gіveaway for Metro Atlanta: 40-pound case of boneless/skinless chicken breast

Community Foods is a local GA company that sells and distributes wholesale, top quality, fresh food, (chicken, lean ground beef, tilapia, and seasonal fruits and vegetables).  By eliminating the middle-man of grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and delivering to common pick-up points within the community, Community Foods brings customers better prices than they would be […]

Organic baby food: 18 pouches (over 5 pounds) Giveaway

As a mom I always try to make sure that my babies are eating healthy, organic food without additives, preservatives, and fillers. I am also concerned about food packaging and never buy anything in cans because of the BPA danger. Baby Gourmet is an Organic baby food line that meets a long list of my […]

$30 check or Zaycon Foods chicken ($65 value) Rafflecopter giveaway

Zaycon Foods brings fresh meats and other products directly to consumers at wholesale prices directly from the farm/processor. The products are as fresh as if you had your own farm. Zaycon Foods sells chicken and other products by cases from a refrigerated truck. Chicken is sold at sales events for which all the details, including […]

All natural Kidfresh meals giveaway. 3 winners

It is amazing how much my kids love junk food and sweets. If my toddler was allowed, she would eat nothing but sweets the entire day. She would start her day with M&Ms and finish it with a tub of chocolate ice-cream. I have tried introducing conditions, such as, “if you eat your broccoli and […]

My multitasking afternoon + LUNA Bars giveaway. 5 winners

Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. A short excerpt from my afternoon: I took my toddler shopping. She looked around, found a shirt she liked and loudly announced: “buy this shirt because […]

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