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Kids Cooking party

We had a cooking party for little kids (and their moms, of course).  I used balloon for decorations. I love the festive look of balloons, plus it is easy to choose the color scheme fitting the party. Our party was dedicated to making and tasting entrees, which incorporate Chef Boyardee ingredients. Chef Boyardee colors are […]

Children’s Cardboard Playhouse

“What a beautiful house we built!” exclaimed my almost-three-year-old daughter first thing in the morning as she ran to admire our art project. This indeed, has been our biggest and most creative art project. Two days in a row kids have been decorating their new mansion. Honestly, I was a little scared about putting the […]

Easy Kids Activities

It takes a lot of effort to come up with Easy Kids Activities, especially for a road trip. A few weeks ago we went to Charleston, which is about seven hours drive from our town in North Georgia. It took me weeks to get ready for the trip. I got some Plum Organics fruit pouches, […]

How to make a Mother’s day craft (giveaway)

This year we decided with to create a hand made gift for Mommy for Mother’s day. Making crafts is one of my preschooler’s favorite activities. She was ready to make a crafty gift for Mom the moment I mentioned it. We rarely make fancy crafts because that involves coming up with a project idea and […]

What to do with an old calendar?

If you have a toddler or a preschooler, you might be able to find “a second use” for your, already old 2010 wall calendar. My 4-year-old turns it into an activity pad. She likes to fill up days with stickers. Since a book of stickers is only one dollar at the dollar store, this whole […]