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A PDA for toddlers, a Quote Maker, and revolutionary toy packaging from B. Toys

My two-year-old declared that she has a new “phon” the moment she got her hands on the Alphaberry – the first PDA for toddlers and preschoolers.

Now she can learn her letters and pretend she is typing another email at the same time.

Alphaberry has all the letters of the alphabets. Kids can push any button – a letter will appear on the screen and will be read aloud. And I love the Alphaberry too. One of the reasons is that Alphaberry buttons are now pushed by those tiny fingers INSTEAD of my laptop keys 🙂

Other great features of the toddler PDA are 3 screen colors, Auto-off, and volume control.

Both my 4-year-old and my two-year-old love to sing to the alphabet song. Alphaberry has 4 musical styles of that song. Amazing.

Quote maker
How incredible is the quote maker on B.Toys website? It’s completely free and something beautiful anyone can do and laugh with. You can document all the funny things your kids say. In a few easy steps you and can make something beautiful from the wisdom of your wee ones.

Once you entered a quote, you will get a unique link for your quote and can share it with your friends or come back to enjoy it yourself. Plus, you can download your quote as a picture file, share on twitter or Facebook.

Take a look at the quote I made:

Reversible packaging

I have 2 big complains about traditional toy packages:

  1. Most of the traditional toys are impossible to get out of the packages. I need some sort of heavy duty tools to free a toy from all the cords with which it is attached to the box
  2. Toy boxes are useless – I cannot reuse those half-boxes with a big opening in the middle. Those boxes are not even good for storing the toy that came in them

B. Toys packages are different. B. Toys introduced reusable/reversible packaging.  B. threw all conventional wisdom out the window, starting with a revolutionary new self-wrapping package—a totally unique idea in toys.  Some B. toys, including Alphaberry come in a reversible box that flips over and becomes wrapping paper:

B. packages look and feel gorgeous, and yet all paper is 100% recycled. All inks are soy-based and varnishes water-based.  The packaging B. has adapted into several of its toys in an effort to be more environmentally conscious.   

B. toys are available for purchase at Target. Follow  B. toys on Twitter and Facebook to learn how they inspire consumers across the country to celebrate Earth Day by re-using B. toys packaging. 

Review disclaimer: I received no product or monetary compensation for this review. I received B. Toys  for review purposes.   

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