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Portable art station from B. Toys (review)

Both my preschooler and a toddler love making colorful drawings. While Masha can paint a full landscape with houses, trees, flowers, sun, and sometimes people, Lana mostly competes in the area of scribbling speed.

All their latest art has been created on the portable art station You Hue from B. Toys. Girls have been migrating from room to room with their new art station and creating new masterpieces.

We can use this art station at home, outside, and take it everywhere with us. They can even use it in the car seat!

The markers that come with the art station are washable, easy to grip, and non-toxic. The station has a pocket for art and paper and two more pockets for art supplies. Plus, there are several storage compartments under the table lid, where both art supplies and art work can be stored. Masha usually uses that compartment for drawings that are “in progress”.

Masha is totally fascinated by this art station, she even takes it outside with her. She can finally keep all her crayons and markers organized.

And best of all, this portable art tray is not just for kids, Moms and Dads can use it as a standing tray – for a breakfast in bed or a dinner in front of a TV!

B. toys are available for purchase at Target. Follow  B. toys on Twitter and Facebook to learn about other innovative toys. 

 Review disclaimer: I received no product or monetary compensation for this review. I received B. Toys  for review purposes.   

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