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Barefoot shoes for kids

Why kids need Barefoot Shoes:

VIVOBAREFOOT team believes that kids’ feet need plenty of space to grow in their shoes. VIVOBAREFOOT company teamed up with Tracy Byrne, a leading Podiatrist who specializes in Podo-Paediatrics, to create a fun and colorful animation that explains the science behind VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, how it benefits children, and why barefoot really is best.

You can watch this amazing video Barefoot is Best from VIVOBAREFOOT on Vimeo.

It is estimated that 80% of foot problems are attributed to misshaped and inflexible shoes. Because of the high proportion of cartilage and other soft tissue, the developing foot can be deformed under the persistent pressure of wearing incorrectly shaped or rigid shoes. The child’s foot does not fully mature until age 18–19 for girls and 20–21 for boys and growing evidence supports that children’s shoes should be designed on the barefoot model.


In 2001 Galahad Clark, 6th generation shoemaker from the Clark’s family, took over the eco-friendly shoe company, Terra Plana, and set about transforming the fortunes of the brand by creating products that combined comfort, sustainability and style.

Shortly after this, Clark ran into an old university friend who introduced him to the benefits of natural movement. His friend had suffered tennis injuries and began training barefoot upon the advice of his father, who was an Alexander technique practitioner. The training worked and his injuries improved. Clark, who already understood the importance of foot health through his exposure to Eastern medicine, began talking to experts, coaches and biomechanics. He discovered that being barefoot, or as close as possible, is the healthiest way to be.

In 2004, with the help of podiatrists and movement specialists, Terra Plana developed VIVOBAREFOOT with a mission to improve general well-being. With a patented ultra-thin puncture resistant sole, VIVOBAREFOOT offers maximum sensory feedback with maximum protection. Seven years on, as research to support barefoot health grows, so does demand.  

The momentum continues to build and fans from around the world say they’ll never wear normal shoes again. In 2009, the barefoot movement got a bible in the form of Chris McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run, and in 2010 Dr. Daniel Liberman, the Harvard based “barefoot professor”, released his seminal research on the benefits of barefoot running in Nature Magazine.

All VIVOBAREFOOT products are eco-friendly and available in naturally vegetable tanned leather, suede and nubuck options. Many of the shoes feature linings that are antibacterial, moisture wicking, and 50% recycled with a 100% recycled removable insole. All products come with an eco-matrix rating to show the environmental components.

Coupon Code:

You can use discount code VBKIDSSS11 to get 20% off kids shoes. Coupon VBKIDSSS11 is valid now through Aug31st, or until stock last.

Our experience:

When I heard about barefoot shoes, I imagined a pair of shoes, which look like regular shoes on top with a thin sole on the bottom.  In other words, I was imagining ballet type shoes of various designs. It turned out that barefoot shoes have a real sole, which is thick enough for a child not to feel gravel or imperfections in the pavement.  Moreover, the VIVOBAREFOOT Pally shoes  that my four-year-old is modeling here have significant padding on the entire sole. The shoes do have a flat sole and no heel. They are flexible enough to allow kids run and exercise.

We were impressed with the level of style and comfort. Pally shoes are quite dressy, they go well with pants and skirts. They are great for every day wear as well as for special occasions.

These Mary-Jane style shoes features Velcro closure which makes it easy for a preschooler to put the shoes on by herself. This certainly makes busy mornings less stressful.

Have you heard about benefits of barefoot shoes? Have you ever tried wearing barefoot shoes or exercising in them?

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