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Organic Family Event in Atlanta (and Stonyfield giveaway)

Atlanta Readers: do not miss this great event for families brought to you by Stonyfield Farm. Stonyfield, the leading producer of organic yogurt, is bringing the farm on the road this summer with its Organic Family Love Fest. Organic Family Love Fest: Atlanta As part of its national a cross-country tour, the Organic Family Love […]

Guacamole and its ingredients (giveaway – 4 winners)

I have mostly stayed away from prepared Guacamole sold in stores. The green mixture of oils, preservatives and starches, artificially colored and flavored, looked not only unappealing, but terrifying after I read the label. The ingredients list violated several points on my checklist, for example:  Mono and diglycerides – another word for hydrogenated oils Monosodium […]

Organic Chocolate Giveaway

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, you  may be wondering what you can do to help support the environment. A great place to start is to find ways to respect the earth while also indulging in the best it has to offer. This Earth Day, passionate chocolate lovers can indulge their taste buds […]

All natural waffles and pancakes for breakfast (giveaway)

“Since I am a Mom, working outside of home, it is really hard to manage a healthy breakfast in the morning”. This is how I started writing this post. Then stopped and realized that when I was a stay at home Mom, it was not easier. If anything, it was harder. Home made breakfasts plus […]

gluten-free brownies giveaway

Have you ever tried gluten-free brownies? I thought there is no such thing. Until recently. Gluten-free brownies turned out to be better than regular brownies. They are soft and very chocolaty. Just a tiny bit crunchy on the edges to create perfect texture. They are light, rich, and uplifting at the same time. I was […]

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods – Review and Giveaway

I recently tasted Mediterranean Cedar’s foods. I got addicted. Once I tried Cedar’s Hummus, Spinach Wraps, and Salsa, I pick up a few Cedar’s items every time I stop by the Whole Foods market. I just can’t pass the Cedar’s stand without grabbing some delicious products. I am always looking for natural and healthy foods. […]

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