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Children’s book about environment

Hannah and the Talking Tree is one of the greatest childrens books about environment. This is an easy to read and beautiful story written and illustrated by Elke Weiss.

About the book:
Hannah and the Talking Tree is a children’s book specially designed to plant the seeds of environmental activism in the next generation.

Hannah is a little girl with a special and unique gift. She has very, very big ears which enable her to hear things in the world all around her that other people do not notice.

She can hear the grass grow, the wind sing, and the ants march one by one. She can hear birds chirping far away and even hear the trees drinking water. After we read how she communicated with nature and listened to the environment

Unfortunately, she is teased and criticized by other children and runs away to be alone. With her extra special powers she finds and befriends a very special and solitary tree and learns about the tragic fate of the trees around her.
And now the last tree is threatened as well. Is there any way to save the lone tree from destruction? Will anyone listen to Hannah’s cry for help?
Instead of just giving up and letting the last tree get cut down, Hannah decides to be brave and do something herself to help save the last tree and create a world worthwhile living in.

This is a Hardcover book with 36 color pages, 11.75 inches by 11.75 inched
Printed on recycled paper.

Why we liked the book:
I started looking for an environmental children’s book after Masha made a Thanksgiving poster and wrote that she is Thankful for trees.

When we read Hannah and the Talking Tree, Masha immediately fell in love with it. She put Hannah’s picture on the refrigerator “so we can always look at Hannah and the ocean”.

After we read how Hannah communicated with nature and listened to the environment, how she listened to the trees talk, grass grow, and wind sing, we wanted to go to a park, or an open fields, or a forest and experience closeness to the nature ourselves.

We loved colorful illustrations with detailed background. My daughter also enjoyed naming animals on the pictures and counting ants.
This book is refreshing and awakening for adults as well. The story has an important message that we need to stand up for what we believe in.

Hannah and the Talking Tree is available on Amazon.

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