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Cinderella carriage

Have you ever ridden a Cinderella carriage? I haven’t, until recently. We all got to be Cinderellas a few days ago. The carriage even lit up inside. Svetlana wanted to go on the carriage so much, she was even willing to wait in line.

Too bad the Cinderella carriage did not come with a Fairy Godmother who could wave her wand and make all the chores like cleaning and laundry disappear :).

Although, the more I think about the Cinderella story, the less sympathetic I become with her and the story. What does it teach little girls? That they should work hard and hope that one day they meet a prince? Cinderella herself made no attempt to free herself from her misery. Imagine that her shoe size was similar to the shoe size of the rest of the women in the country. The prince would have never found her. There would never be a “happily ever after”.

Or maybe I am too strict on her. It is a fairy tale, after all.

In any case, a ride in a Cinderella carriage is a great idea for a wedding or even a birthday party.

Cinderella carriage

Cinderella carriage

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