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She spilled the beans

I was making cabbage and beans the other night. I needed 5 minutes without holding my one year old Lana in my arms.

I had a great idea. I gave her two bowls and a bunch of dry beans. For the first 30 seconds, I was extremely proud of my ingenuity. She was completely occupied by moving the beans from one bowl to another.

After 30 seconds she decided to start aiming at different targets in the kitchen. The kitchen was covered with beans in a matter of 10 second.
Svetlana could not stand such a mess, and started cleaning it up with a kitchen towel.

Her patience ran short. She headed out of the kitchen leaving the beans covered floor behind.

Luckily, Masha was willing to help. She picked up most of the beans.

I was wondering loudly how I am going to finish with the kitchen today.

Masha heard me and asked Svetlana: Do you want to go play, Mommy needs to do something in the kitchen. Do you want to play cafeteria?

And they headed out of the kitchen. One year old and a three year old. To play together.

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