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Trek or Treat

With all the excitement of Halloween, kids could not wait until Sunday to do trick-or-Treating. So, we started collecting candy on Saturday.

The best location for trick-or treating on Saturday was a Suwanee Trek or Treat event in a park.

Masha started off with coloring her own Trek or Treat bag.

With the expectation of collecting candy they made themselves comfortable in the double stroller.

Getting candy every few yards along the Suwanee Creek Greenway was like a dream come true.

A Trivia question waited for us at every candy station. Here we even had to stand in line to get the candy. I took a picture while we were waiting.

Masha was happy to take a picture with a giant Dog, while Svetlana climbed even higher on me, almost on top of my shoulders.

Masha is getting her hand painted. For free and without a line!

She is showing off her pumpkin on the hand.

I could not miss this perfect background for a picture.

Kids were fascinated by the scary creatures walking by.

I have never seen that many people walking the trail.

This is probably the only picture where they both kept their witch hats on AND Masha kept her wig on.

And here are the adult witches (both incidentally named Marina) with the kids.

Masha wants to go back next year. For now she just asks me to tell her a bedtime story about trek or treating every night.

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