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We climbed and crawled

We climbed and crawled on the third story of this custom built wooden house when we went to visit a friend last weekend. We made it to the top. I thought the house was pretty cool primarily because I could stand straight on either floor, even though my head was almost touching the roof.

It goes without saying, kids loved it. Although Lana had hard time getting to the next level. We had a big giant day and we played in a giant house, – Masha said.

The house was designed specifically for this yard. Some kids are lucky to have their own three-story building before they even reach ten.

I really want to have some sort of a fort/playground installed in our back yard. I researched all the playground showrooms in the vicinity.

I stop at the playground aisle in Lowe’s every time I am in the store.

But then I look at the price and start having doubts.

Then I think how long my kids will actually play in this new fort, and I postpone this project indefinitely.

 Do you have a playground in the back yard? Do you think it is a worthy investment?

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