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Our fun @LeapFrog Party

Yes, we had a leapfrog party! Snacks for the party were mostly green, featuring green olives, cucumbers, celery, and grapes:   Activities of the party included: Learning and coloring with Leapfrog printable activity sheets. There were several to choose from.   Kids also played on the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer, which my kids monopolized first:   […]

My two princesses

It is all about princesses these days. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or any other princess that comes to mind, as long as the dress is long is sparkly.  It gets much more fun when they pretend they are princesses themselves. Cinderella is their favorite bedtime story. I uploaded an app that reads this story on […]

My kids are not fans of gym childcare

I was driving home from work with a definitive idea to go for a walk. As I got home I realized that I am so extremely tired that the most I could do is get some more work done on my computer. The guilt started overpowering me and I decided to head over to the […]

How to organize photos with free face recognition software

A fellow blogger asked me recently for my picture for a guest post. Although I take thousands pictures of the kids, I have almost no pictures of myself. There are certainly some hidden ones in multiple folders on my hard drive, but I did not have time or desire to rummage through hundreds of folders […]

Vacation and back pain

Vacation season is here and if you are one of the 25 million people who suffer with back, leg and other chronic pains, traveling can be torture. And really make the pain worse. Topricin is offering Travel tips for managing pain on the road:  When driving, be sure to stop every 1.5 hours to stretch […]

Barefoot shoes for kids

Why kids need Barefoot Shoes: VIVOBAREFOOT team believes that kids’ feet need plenty of space to grow in their shoes. VIVOBAREFOOT company teamed up with Tracy Byrne, a leading Podiatrist who specializes in Podo-Paediatrics, to create a fun and colorful animation that explains the science behind VIVOBAREFOOT shoes, how it benefits children, and why barefoot […]

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