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Toy-free play

No, I don’t think there is anything wrong with kids playing toys (as long as they are lead free, of course). It is just that my kids are not nearly excited about toys as I thought they would be. Before they were born, I thought they would be thrilled to play with new toys just as those adorable kids in toy commercials. Instead, they spend five minutes with most of their toys just to abandon them forever. My baby and preschooler much rather prefer other forms of play. They would play in the kitchen cabinets, hide in closets, play dress-ups and jump off the couch.

 Here are three more of their favorite activities:

 1. Make a fort on the couch


2. Play on my Step (this is The Step F1011W Original Health Club Step)


3. Set up a Birthday Party with paper plates on the floor for A LOT of friends

Do your kids come up with new kinds of play which does not involve toys?

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