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Masha says… Part III

I thought I would break up the somewhat depressing safe or not safe food theme and publish some of the things my three year old says. Masha’s phrases continued from Part II:

Somebody asked her:  
      – Masha, what color are my eyes?
Masha looked and squinted. She looked from different angles. She finally said:  
      – Red.

Masha goes to daycare. I ask:
      – Masha what did you do in school today?
She responds:
      – I wrote Katie an email because she was not listening

Masha says:
      – I just love everybody: Mommy, Daddy, and Lana.
She thought for a second and added
      – And I love myself

Masha takes ballet classes. After her class she asks:
      – Mommy, would you like to go to ballet too?
      – Sure I would, – I answer
      – Well, when you will be little, you can go to, – Promises she.

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