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5 tips to make toddler bath time easier

I thought I would share my ideas how to make bath time easier for toddlers and parents. After all, I have been giving baths to either a toddler or a baby for over 4 years now :).

Here are my tips:

1. Use an extra large non-slip mat. It is easier for toddlers to sit in the bath on a mat without slipping, let alone trying to stand up.

I use an extra large white mat from Rubbermaid and very happy with it.

I tried to use a couple of colorful “kids” mats, but they are usually (1) tiny – you would need several mats to cover the bottom of the tub, (2) the color comes off, and, most importantly, (3) the suction cups do not cover the entire surface, but only along the sides.

It is a good idea to replace those mats every few months to avoid mildew.

2.  When you wash kids’ hair, use a washcloth to cover their eyes. My kids are very sensitive to water getting in their eyes, so plain tear free shampoo does not help. They have trouble holding their head backwards to allow me to rinse their hair, so a small dry towel or a wash cloth works best.

3. Keep toys mildew free with a draining storage. Make sure toys stay dry. Especially, check those rubber duckies – do you see a grey hue in the color? This means they are covered with mold on the inside. Boon  Bath Toy Drainer can be used for keeping bath toys mildew free.

4. Prepare clean clothes before you start the bath. Once you get your kids out of the tub, it is so much easier to have clean clothes handy rather then head over to the closed and try to figure out  what they should wear now.

5. Stay dry. With two toddlers in the tub, I get soaked almost immediately. I used to wear a bathrobe backwards to stay dry. Now I have a stylish aacua towel, which functions as a bath apron, towel, swaddler, and a bathwrap. Aacua by maamam bath towel keeps Mom dry and baby covered. I like snap buttons and Velcro tabs which make it quick and easy to put the bathwrap on my kids. Much faster than a bathrobe.

What are your tips to make bathtime fun and stress free?

Review disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received an aacua towel for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links.

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One Response to 5 tips to make toddler bath time easier

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    Luke Smith says:

    Thanks for the tip to use a bathwrap with buttons or velcro tabs for kids. I’m sure having a fun bathwrap would make it easier to get them to dry off, as well as being easier for you as a parent to attach to them. My sister recently had a baby and I’m sure she would appreciate this information, since the little guy is getting bigger and splashing a bit more in the bath now.

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