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First Dance Recital

My daughter started her dance classes only a couple of months ago. She still forgets what the next move is. She gets easily distracted by the audience.

Why was I so excited about her dance recital then?

Maybe because she was so happy to wear a beautiful costume and apply play make up? Maybe because she was mesmerized by all the people watching her? Or because she beamed as she saw that both Mommy and Daddy came to watch her?

Maybe because this brings back memories of my own dance recitals. The times when I was on the stage with all the other girls. Concentrating on getting it all right. When I could not see the audience because the lights on the stage were so bright. Maybe I see myself in her.

I wish I had recordings of my recitals. She does. I posted pictures a few days ago. And here is the video (quite amateurish). I hope to improve my video editing skills next year.

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