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My kids are not fans of gym childcare


I was driving home from work with a definitive idea to go for a walk. As I got home I realized that I am so extremely tired that the most I could do is get some more work done on my computer. The guilt started overpowering me and I decided to head over to the…

My toddler’s duckle dance

Will you be going to dance classes this year, I asked my preschooler. My preschooler: “Maybe” Mommy “Why are you not sure, you enjoy dancing so much.” My preschooler: “Because I want to do my own dance, not the dance they are dancing. Actually, lets go to the dance studio and take a look. If…

gloves or shoes?

Lana in GLoves

Thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring my post about fun kid photos and the stories behind them. Enter Plum’s “Babies for Yum Caption Contest” on Facebook and you could win a $100 gift card or Plum goodies. _____ Lana has come to the conclusion that none of the shoes she owns meet her needs. So…

Easy Kids Activities


It takes a lot of effort to come up with Easy Kids Activities, especially for a road trip. A few weeks ago we went to Charleston, which is about seven hours drive from our town in North Georgia. It took me weeks to get ready for the trip. I got some Plum Organics fruit pouches,…

Water Attack

spraying with hose

The idea was to water my blackberries and peas, which the sprinkler system does not reach. Lana asked me if she could, please, help water the plants (Ok, she did not say please, just stole the hose) . Then she decided to take a shower. The dress got wet pretty quickly. Without much hesitation, she got…

Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers! We are celebrating it with a busy Daddy of our Busy Children. He has many special powers, including carrying two kids and kicking a ball at the same time

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