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Birthday with Princesses

princesses and Mommy

We are home from celebrating Masha’s birthday at the Recess by Charley. The princesses were charming and spent an hour and a half playing with the kids. They even agreed to pose for the pictures. Details of the birthday and entertainment are coming up! And the cake was of course “princessy”.  Ok, it is the…

Back from the Disney cruise

Picture with Miki Mouse

We are back from the Disney Cruise! We were on the Disney Dream ship. I felt that floor was still moving for two days after. I wonder why. Last time I went on the cruise it did not happen. Maybe I am just getting older. After two hours at home, my kids were asking why…

Pretty Pirate

pirate costume

Who knew that Pirates are so good at posing and modeling clothes? I discovered this ability in pirates only recently. Have your kids tried on their Halloween costumes already? What kind of costumes are their favorites? Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets — Auto-Linky widget will appear right here!This preview will disappear when the widget is displayed…

Chore charts for kids #Giveaway. 2 winners

chore chart

“Let’s play that game with tasks again today”, suggested my preschooler. “Good idea”, I thought, “I need to remember to present chores to kids as games”. For the first time ever we were experimenting with using a chore chart for my preschooler. This chore checklist did look like a board game with colorful reusable stickers:…

My two princesses

Lana princess2

It is all about princesses these days. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or any other princess that comes to mind, as long as the dress is long is sparkly.  It gets much more fun when they pretend they are princesses themselves. Cinderella is their favorite bedtime story. I uploaded an app that reads this story on…

Children’s Cardboard Playhouse

house from site

“What a beautiful house we built!” exclaimed my almost-three-year-old daughter first thing in the morning as she ran to admire our art project. This indeed, has been our biggest and most creative art project. Two days in a row kids have been decorating their new mansion. Honestly, I was a little scared about putting the…

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