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Strawberry Mousse for a Little Angels Party


I have never hosted a Valentine Party for little kids before, but I am planning one this year. The theme of the party is Little Angels. Little Angels  is an animated DVD series and has been created for pre-school aged children to teach practical learning skills like ABCs and numbers. The hardest of planning a…

How Grandfather Frost visited us

ded Moroz comes through the door

“When is Ded Moroz coming back?” –  I hear a few times a day from my two pre-schoolers. When I was growing up, Grandfather Frost would bring gifts on the New Year’s Eve for me and millions of other kids who lived in Russia. Throughout the entire Holiday season we would go to Grandfather Frost’s…

Birthday at @RecessbyCharley

Recess by Charley -  Play ground

While kids were very excited about Christmas and New Year celebrations, they won’t stop talking about their birthdays. Masha’s birthday was thoroughly documented in pictures, videos, and scrapbooks. No day would go by without them talking about their birthdays: past and future. They always enjoy going back to the places where celebrations took place. Masha’s…

@OralB Stages / Winnie the Pooh kids party

8 weekend  - tail on Donkey

“Is our Winnie the Pooh Party pretty soon?” This was a question I heard every morning for the past two weeks. The kids could not wait. We were decorating rooms with balloons and cutting out donkey tails. The party turned out fun, especially because Oral-B Stages sent us activity ideas, supplies, and gift bags for…

Mega Blocks party, song, and dance

Moms and babies building

What could be more fun than Moms and kids getting together to create and build together. Moms and kids had a great time with Mega Blocks at our party. Building with Mega Blocks  is a great way to develop imagination. The blocks always come in a carrying bag or in a box, which helps to…

Birthday Party with Princesses in Atlanta

princess party - Masha face paint

Both of my girls are absolutely enamored with princess stories. My daughters are particularly in love with Cinderella and Snow White. They have been asking me for the past year when will these princesses come visit them. I responded that it will happen on Masha’s fifth birthday. Since they pretty much asked every day, I…

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