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How to go hiking with kids (giveaway)

For me to teach kids to walk long (or average) distances is extremely important. Last time we went to Russia, we hard such hard time walking to stores and around town just because my kids are not used to walking beyond one or two blocks in the neighborhood. “Grandma, could you carry me”, – my […]

Atlantis review: travel with a preschooler

Our family recently enjoyed a trip to the Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort. We stayed at the Coral Towers. We loved so many things: The view from the Coral Tower was unbelievable. These pictures were taken from the balcony in our room: My preschooler especially liked spending time on the balcony looking at the grounds and […]

Car seats on airplanes? No, we have CARES.

For two months before our trip overseas, I was trying to decide: do I need to take car seats with us to use on the plane? If I don’t take a car seat, how is my baby going to sleep on the plane? What if she falls asleep and slips off the seat? This dilemma […]

Mom and Baby Room in the Barnaul Airport (Siberia, Russia)

To continue my theme of kids space in airports (I wrote about Kids area in Boston Logan Airport last week), I present to you the Mom and Baby room on the opposite side of the globe: in Barnaul, Russia. There are not many toys in the room, but enough to keep kids busy before the […]

Kids Place (Kidport) in Boston Airport

Any airport we go to, we look for a kids place, somewhere with kids can run and play, “get their energy out”, and get tired. I make it a point to keep them moving before we get on board. It will help them sleep once we get on the airplane. When we got in Boston […]

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