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Exercising in a cast and a Popatu dress #WW

We are ready for a workout! Masha finally got rid of her cast but the cast did not stop her from exercising. She never volunteers to exercise,  but when this exercise kit arrived, she decided to try it out: Lana only like to exercise in her Popatu dresses, which I buy on Zulily. I tried […]

Piano recital. I really want a piano now

Masha had her first piano recital. This was the first time she was not scared to perform on stage. Last year she refused to perform on the stage and we skipped her dance recital altogether. This year she confidently walked to the center stage, curtseyed and proceeded to play. We literally practiced for hours before […]

Crawling between cruise cabins and on a bathroom floor

So my toddler is into gymnastics. She successfully quit her gymnastics and dance classes after a few visits and came up with her own exercises. It ‘s all about crawling on her belly under different obstacles. Like a bathroom door: I know you are wondering if I washed her hands and the dress after the […]

A fairy Hobmother grants a wish

A fairy Hobmother visited us. The one who spreads sweetness and light. The girls are excited too. They love fairies and any other sweet magical creatures. The other day they told me they are fairies themselves. For that reason, they will fly around the neighborhood at night looking in the windows checking if the kids […]

Kids Cooking party

We had a cooking party for little kids (and their moms, of course).  I used balloon for decorations. I love the festive look of balloons, plus it is easy to choose the color scheme fitting the party. Our party was dedicated to making and tasting entrees, which incorporate Chef Boyardee ingredients. Chef Boyardee colors are […]

Little Angels Valentines Party for kids

I never made that strawberry mousse I was planning to, but the party turned out well nevertheless. I am still planning to post the recipe, so stay tuned. My older daughter loves getting ready for parties. She set up tables for kids herself. She made crescent rolls with orange marmalade and poppy seeds. She even […]

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