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Organic Chocolate Giveaway

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, you  may be wondering what you can do to help support the environment. A great place to start is to find ways to respect the earth while also indulging in the best it has to offer. This Earth Day, passionate chocolate lovers can indulge their taste buds […]

All natural waffles and pancakes for breakfast (giveaway)

“Since I am a Mom, working outside of home, it is really hard to manage a healthy breakfast in the morning”. This is how I started writing this post. Then stopped and realized that when I was a stay at home Mom, it was not easier. If anything, it was harder. Home made breakfasts plus […]

REACH brushes and Floss giveaway

What else can we do to stay away from flu? A quick and easy solution is to make sure we are frequently changing out  our toothbrush. Bacteria and viruses can harbor themselves into the bristles of our toothbrushes and doctor’s recommended that we change our toothbrush every six weeks – especially after tackling a flu-like symptoms. […]

Atlanta parents: you can win $4,500 kids’ room makeover

I am constant searching for kids’ activities in the Atlanta area. I go through local newspapers and city magazines. I browse various websites that feature events for kids in Atlanta. Sometimes we make it to these events, like a German Christmas Party or a Trek or Treat event, Sometimes we miss them. Here is the good […]

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