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How to choose a sleepsack for a baby

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about baby sleep sacks as a safer alternative to using blankets, but with the growing number of choices available, how do you choose the one that is right for your baby? 4 Reasons for Sleepsack Popularity Sleepsacks take away the worry of a baby’s mouth and nose being covered […]

Getting children involved in household chores

Getting children involved in helping with household chores can be tiring and challenging, and a chore in itself. However, if you are prepared to help them along and encourage them in the tasks they will soon be loading the dishwasher on their own. Helping with tasks can give children a good grounding in what it […]

How to get best deals online

Mommies:             Doesn’t it seem IMPOSSIBLE to shop at brick-and-mortar stores with small children, especially bargain shopping?  Why is that?  Any time a mom goes shopping with her children, she is risking a meltdown—an arms flailing, legs kicking, mouth wailing meltdown.  Bargain shopping, particularly good bargain shopping, takes time, so bargain shopping increases this meltdown […]

How to teach children a foreign language

You may remember I wrote about teaching my kids to speak a foreign language. I also posted a video of my then two-year-old singing in three languages. I did not do that to boast about her abilities to speak more than one language, but rather to show that it is possible for a toddler to […]

No-Fuss Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

By Karen Barnett Kids grow and change quickly. For instance, the average youngster goes through 2-3 pairs of shoes each year – those little feet grow fast! With all that growing, kids (and parents) want their rooms to grow with them. When considering a decorating theme for a child’s room, keep in mind that what […]

Teaching kids to eat vegetables: make fun meals

In my quest to figure out how to get my kids to eat vegetables, I determined that there are basically two steps: –          To get them to try a new vegetable –          To keep serving it often so they develop a liking for it.  Have I been successful? To some extent. Both parts are not […]

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