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Teach kids to eat veggies with CopyKids DVD + WiN $25 Whole Foods GC

If you ever wonder what else you can do to get kids to eat their vegetables, consider having them watch other kids eating vegetables. This is a great concept and it works. Peer pressure works even when the kids are little. I remember watching my one-year-old on the camera while she was at a daycare. […]

Teaching babies and toddlers to eat veggies + Baby Bullet blender system giveaway

I think I figured out why my kids have such resistance when it comes to eating vegetables even though their Mommy will gladly eat a tomato and cucumber salad for breakfast. Maybe the difference lies in the first food we ate as babies, apart from breast milk, that is. My first solid food was mashed potatoes with […]

Teaching kids to eat vegetables: make fun meals

In my quest to figure out how to get my kids to eat vegetables, I determined that there are basically two steps: –          To get them to try a new vegetable –          To keep serving it often so they develop a liking for it.  Have I been successful? To some extent. Both parts are not […]

Teaching kids to eat vegetables: make veggie drinks

My two kids, a toddler and a preschooler, are quite reluctant when it comes to eating vegetables. Recently I started introducing vegetables in freshly squeezed juice. I was not sure where to start with making juices for my picky eaters. Luckily, Jay and Linda Kordich put together a manual for Moms who have picky eaters. […]

Teaching kids to eat vegetables: involve book characters (giveaway)

I am constantly looking for creative ways to inspire (make, convince, encourage) kids eat healthy. Now I do that with the help of a book featuring vegetable super hero characters (Super Sprowtz). Each vegetable character has a special power based on the nutritional benefits of each vegetable. For example, Brian Broccoli is super strong because […]