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Guacamole and its ingredients (giveaway – 4 winners)

I have mostly stayed away from prepared Guacamole sold in stores. The green mixture of oils, preservatives and starches, artificially colored and flavored, looked not only unappealing, but terrifying after I read the label. The ingredients list violated several points on my checklist, for example:  Mono and diglycerides – another word for hydrogenated oils Monosodium […]

Teaching kids to eat vegetables: make fun meals

In my quest to figure out how to get my kids to eat vegetables, I determined that there are basically two steps: –          To get them to try a new vegetable –          To keep serving it often so they develop a liking for it.  Have I been successful? To some extent. Both parts are not […]

Fresh Cinnamon Apples with Lemon and Honey

Our favorite fruit snack now is Fresh Cinnamon Apples with Lemon and Honey. Kids strongly prefer it to the regular apples. All you need is 1 or 2 apples One teaspoon of honey for each apple One teaspoon of lemon juice for each apple ¼ to ½ teaspoon of Cinnamon for each apple Directions: Quarter […]

Organic baby food and snacks for one year old

I have been looking for organic baby food and snacks for my one year old baby. I became a fan of HappyBaby snacks and frozen baby food. My one year old baby can say only a few words. She has a special word for HappyBaby Puffs: “more”. She is always ready to share the puffs […]

Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods – Review and Giveaway

I recently tasted Mediterranean Cedar’s foods. I got addicted. Once I tried Cedar’s Hummus, Spinach Wraps, and Salsa, I pick up a few Cedar’s items every time I stop by the Whole Foods market. I just can’t pass the Cedar’s stand without grabbing some delicious products. I am always looking for natural and healthy foods. […]